Design Trends for 2019

Trends are movements in design that have gained mass enough usage that they become recognizable as a trend.

  Feb 6, 2019   admin

Design trends are movements in graphic design that have gained enough mass usage  so that they become recognizable as a trend. They often start off slow and then start developing for a number of years before they gain enough momentum in order to be considered a "design trend".

Honestly, most things in design have been done before so some of these trends feel like they’re referential of earlier movements of design. Styles can often be revisited, they can be reinvented, and often designers can use trends as inspiration,  or as jumping off points in order to make style their own rather than just a copy directly.

Trends are meant to keep designersinspired and keep them thinking in a way classified as contemporary. Designers can choose to  ignore trends if they want, but being aware of what they are is important. For entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s helpful to understand what the latest trends are, because you can use them in your business to improve your brand’s design and keep things looking contemporary and fresh, which ultimately is very important for your brand's public perception.


Here is a list of design trend as identified by Guru Philip VanDusen

The Darkness
so Metal
Neo Geo
Moto Logos
Mary Jane
Warp Speed
Color Field
Product Pattern
Moving Mail
Cut Ups
By the numbers